Thursday, August 9, 2018

Rental Cleaning

Rental Cleaning
Saving money is not always means doing all the job yourself. When i prefer to do my rental cleaning i was so anxious, because not just a waste or lost money but also my valuable time. That's why this time i hire Peters Cleaning who are locals here in Melbourne and have a good reputation because of their good service.

Burger on wheels: Saudis Attempt once'lowly' Tasks as Market Snacks, World News - AsiaOne
Burger on wheels: Saudis attempt once'lowly' tasks as market snacks PHOTO: AFP AFP Aug 01, 2018 Dishing out hamburgers and chips slathered with melted cheese,"One Approach Burger" resembles any other cool food truck at Riyadh. Nonetheless, it offers something rare -- that the cook behind the hot grill is a Saudi.

'When I return they will kill me': Nicaraguan dissenters flee south to live
Since Daniel Ortega's violent crackdown intensifies, the wave of refugees escaping to Costa Rica is now a tide
  • Explainer: what is forcing the Nicaraguan uprising?
Tears filled Ricardo Pineda's bloodshot eyes as he relived the privacy and paranoia of the 13-day march into security.
Five hours before, after nearly a fortnight over the run, he'd slid Nicaragua's southern boundary, flagged down a cab and taken off his phone flight mode for the first time since fleeing Managua.

Morning email: spending electricity stagnates, archbishop stops, Giuliani rants
Tuesday: Earning income has flatlined because 2009, report uncovers, as more people lease. Plus: Bill Shorten will acquire electricity
Fantastic morning, this is Mike Ticher bringing one of the principal tales and must-reads on Tuesday 31 July.

From sexual captivity to castes, Indian Film Festival investigates nation's sex shame

Love Sonia and Sir expose the pitiful state of women's rights.

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